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I am a Musical Director/pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, accompanist and teacher providing music lessons for piano/keyboards, theory of music and vocalists rehearsal sessions.

About the lessons I provide

  • Piano/Keyboard Lessons are given on a one-to-one basis. This method of teaching is the quickest and best way to learn .
  • I offer many different lesson types to students of all ages and levels of ability on piano/keyboard, the theory of music, composing and arranging.
  • Currently I have a student age-group ranging from 7 to 80 years of age.
  • Theory of Music is included in your lesson to help provide a better understanding of why music works. einstein
  • A lesson discount is available for students!!


How students book lessons

  • A lesson duration of either One-hour or a Half-hour.
  • A weekly lesson
  • One lesson every 2 weeks (you will learn enough to practice between lessons!)
  • A return lesson when confident of having made progress from your last lesson.
  • Select a style of playing for your lesson e.g. Jazz, Pop, Latin…….


Vocal rehearsal session

  • A One-hour session is available for setting the correct keys for your songs and routining the songs as you want them
  • Recorded piano rehearsal tracks are part of the session
  • Bring a storage device (USB) usb stick in order to take tracks home with you



Performers appeared with their sheet music, and seconds later it was like the group had been playing the pieces all their lives!
With pianist Jim Clelland’s ability to make each new singer feel comfortable.

Neil Stewart | Falkirk Herald
I’ve been attending one-to-one lessons with Jim Clelland for over 10 years.
I have learned so much more from Jim than I did completing my Honours music degree. Jim’s grasp of musical harmony, arranging skills and knowledge of piano styles such as jazz, pop, blues and gospel is second to none.
In addition to his musical knowledge, Jim is an incredibly patient and supportive teacher with extensive experience of teaching beginners. Furthermore, he is fully aware of the school music curriculum including SQA exam requirements.

Derek Johnston | Music teacher and Head of Expressive Art in a secondary school.

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