Jim Clelland Framed

I am a Musical Director/pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, accompanist and teacher.

I have worked in radio, television, film, theatre, dance halls, night clubs, cruise ships, recording studios and other scenarios like pubs, clubs, funerals/wakes and weddings…..
I was musical director for Freddie Starr (1985-1990). During this period I performed at ‘The Royal Variety Performance’, ‘Live at Her Majesty’s’. ‘Continental Hotel-Las Vegas etc……….
I am currently coaching-teaching privately from home in Airdrie. I have a student age range from 7 to 82. I teach performance and theory skills. Choose from a selection of piano styles on offer. In between teaching I am involved with both music and vocal performance workshops.

Artistes I have worked with……..

Freddie Starr Freddie Starr  Matt Monro  Matt Monro 

Ben E. King, Tony Christie, Carol Kidd, The Dallas Boys, Bill Fredericks, The Marvelettes, Lena Zavaronni, Jimmy Tarbuck, Kenny Lynch, Susan Maughan, Julie Rodgers, The Bachelors, Don Estelle, Patti Boulaye, The Drifters, Sydney Devine, The Platters…….

I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge of ‘THE MUSIC BUSINESS’

Enough about me I say ↓

Music should be fun!!     Funny Racehorse