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  • I have been teaching piano students of all levels of ability for more than 40 years. You may well ask do I still enjoy teaching? Well, the answer is YES.
  • Currently I have a student group aged between 7 and 80 81 82 83 years of age, who are learning and playing different piano styles like classical, rock, gospel, jazz and pop.
  • The student range I have, encompasses, Secondary school music teachers and pupils, University and college students, Senior citizens, Primary school pupils, Professional musicians and people who choose music as a hobby.
  • You gain far more knowledge, during lesson times, than you will at college. Visit Testimonials pen in hand to see why I say this.
  • Theory of Music is included in your lesson to help provide a better understanding of why music works. Building your musical vocabulary (music speak) will help you achieve a better interaction with your fellow musicians.
  • As regards to teaching. I have 22 years experience teaching in secondary schools and I am fully aware of the school music curriculum including SQA piano and keyboards exam requirements.

‡ Available ‡ Lesson Types

  • Piano-Styles-Classical-Jazz-Pop
  • Keyboards-(as above)
  • Theory
  • Sibelius (learn the basics on how to use)
  • Improvisational skills
  • Jazz theory
  • Accompaniment skills
  • Sight reading skills
  • Aural listening skills
  • Arranging and composing

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I’ve been attending one-to-one lessons with Jim Clelland for over 10 years. I have learned so much more from Jim than I did completing my honours music degree. Jim’s grasp of musical harmony, arranging skills and knowledge of piano styles such as jazz, pop, blues gospel is second to none. In addition he is an incredibly patient supportive teacher with extensive experience teaching beginners. Furthermore, he is fully aware of the school music curriculum including SQA exam requirements.

Derek Johnston | Music teacher and Head of Expressive Art.


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You can call or text me on 07967013476 to book a lesson if you’re not a form filling fan.