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I’ve been attending one-to-one lessons with Jim Clelland for over 10 years.
I have learned so much more from Jim than I did completing my Honours music degree. Jim’s grasp of musical harmony, arranging skills and knowledge of piano styles such as jazz, pop, blues and gospel is second to none.
In addition to his musical knowledge, Jim is an incredibly patient and supportive teacher with extensive experience of teaching beginners. Furthermore, he is fully aware of the school music curriculum including SQA exam requirements.

Derek Johnston | Music teacher-Head of Expressive Art

Performers appeared with their sheet music, and seconds later it was like the group had been playing the pieces all their lives!
With pianist Jim’s ability to make each new singer feel comfortable.

Neil Stewart | Falkirk Herald

The talent that is JIM CLELLAND! How lucky are we at ‘Jazz Choir Scotland’ to have Jim as part of our organisation… Gawn yersel big man.

Carol Smith | Founder of Jazz Choir Scotland

I had been in a classical choir for 5 years and was looking for something different. By chance I had the opportunity to sing with the Jazz Choir and really enjoyed the experience, so decided to join. The audition was straight forward, but now there is a ‘no audition’ beginners choir which is probably what I would have needed a few years ago.
If it is not fun … don’t do it, do something else! The Jazz Choir has been immense fun, rehearsals are good and I look forward to concerts. But it is not just about having fun, we are learning new musical and performing skills, thanks to the talented and experienced jazz musician coaching the choir.

Alan McPherson | Tenor

I love being part of this choir as it has given me a new lease of life. I was with a choir for 16 years which was enjoyable to start with but got boring as the years went on. I always wanted to sing Jazz in a Jazz Choir, but when I checked on the internet the only Jazz Choir that came up was the Jazz Choir Scotland in Glasgow. Although it would have been nice to have had something like that in Edinburgh, I travel to Glasgow as I really enjoy being there. It is lovely to sing with a bunch of people who also love Jazz music. I feel the choir is coming on leaps and bounds and it is a real pleasure being part of it.

George Chalmers | Bass

Music is and
should be fun!!